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About Zaiba

Zaiba Jewels is the new venture of the multi-pronged Mfar Group into the Jewellery arena. With it's two showrooms in Qatar and Dubai and with its unique, inimitable and never seen before collection of gold,silver and diamond jewellery, Zaiba is all set to capture the heart of every ornament lover.We’ve taken utmost care to give our designs stunning originality and enduring elegance.

Zaiba offers a wide range of stupendous jewellery designs featuring a blend of Indian and western nuances.

About MFar Group

Founded by Chairman Dr P. Mohamed Ali, the Mfar Group has a presence in real estate, construction and hospitality with Mfar Holdings,Mfar Construction and Mfar Hotels respectively. Dr Ali 30 has years experience in the engineering and construction sector, with the paradigm set by Rs 4875 crore (US $1.2 billion) Galfar Engineering & Infrastructure LLC, of which Dr Ali is the Vice Chairman. With operations in Qatar, Oman, UAE, Brunei and Yemen, Galfar is the largest construction company in Oman and is a recipient of the coveted Sword of Honour from the British though relatively nascent, the group harnesses the expertise of Safety Council.

These new arrivals are hot off the soldering blocks. Come back regularly to see the latest and best modern jewellery available. Know more
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Our Showrooms

Gold Purchase Plan

The Objective of the Zaiba's Gold Purchase Plan is to help our customer to plan and pay for purchase of Jewellery over certain fixed periods of time. Know more

VIP Loyalty Program

Earn points every time you buy gold at Zaiba, Redeem your points for a wide range of gifts from free gold plated key chain to airline tickets. Know more